In addition to designing the new brand and communications system for Boeing, we participated in introducing the new system to Boeing’s numerous internal marketing teams and their agency partners and in helping to manage the brand over time.

Unifying a Fortune 50 Brand

After a global audit revealed a distinct lack of brand cohesion among their business units, divisions and geographies, Boeing turned to us for a comprehensive brand system. The goal was to create brand consistency across the company’s far-flung and diverse enterprises and, in doing so, increase the brand’s value.

One brand

Our challenge was to develop an overall visual system that would tie together the commercial, defense and enterprise divisions of the company, creating a recognizable “Boeing” look that would resonate with each division’s very different audiences. Getting the brand right required that we first understand the distinct parts of the organization and identify what they held in common. Two all-day workshops with representatives from around the globe gave us the insight we needed to understand the diverse needs of each line of business and their various audiences and customers.

One look

Boeing had extensive graphic standards governing the use of their logo and distinctive corporate blue, but lacked a supporting set of tools to create a consistent, memorable brand experience. We designed a brand system that features a robust color palette, consistent styling for the company’s information graphics and a curated library of custom photography. Templates for designing websites, PowerPoint presentations, packaging, brochures and sales collateral, reports, publications, posters and exhibits, among others, completed the effort.

One company

In addition to designing the new brand and communications system, we extended the Boeing One brand to web properties, including the Why We’re Here website designed to support a global advertising campaign. We participated in the introduction of the new system to Boeing’s numerous internal marketing teams and their agency partners through real-time training, introduction materials and comprehensive guidelines. The focused creativity and coordinated effort helped to ensure the successful global rollout of the new Boeing brand, which was introduced to the world at the prestigious Farnborough International Airshow.

While every application of the brand speaks to a specific audience, together they add up to one look, one voice and one global powerhouse brand.

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