The world of storytelling opens up wide, when you can make nearly anything you can imagine.

3D, CG, VFX… By any name, it’s more than a “capability” at DK, it’s a point of view. When you combine world-class artistry with cutting-edge technology, you have the power to tell wildly imaginative stories that surprise and inspire.

More DK Work

The Enigmatic

What if curiosity was currency? The Enigmatic is an internet-enabled vending machine that rewards inquiry, requiring only a Facebook or Twitter account and keen mind. View

Experience Design POV

All design is Experience Design. Now, then and always. But mediums change fast. Tools get more powerful. People get more sophisticated. Complexity expands. View


Former CMO and under-medicated woodsman Dick Kitridge says Adthenticity is storytelling for next generation engagement junkies.

Letters of Boom

Collaborating with Richard Sherman, we created Letters of Boom, a simple, addictive word game that combines both the brains and brawn of the dynamic Pro Bowl cornerback.

Sea Folk

Seattle was built on sea shanties and the bones of mariners; it is impossible to fully grasp the city without spending time on the waters that surround her. Sea Folk welcomes you into the community of people who spend their lives on the waters of the Salish Sea. A diver festooned with tattoos, rowers pulling through a biblical downpour, a stoic tug crew, and a handful of colorful sailors are a small part of the family of Sea Folk.

Hackathon III

The DK Hackathon was born from a desire to experiment creatively without client constraints and has become an annual tradition.This year's theme: Gamify. View

This Is DK

Digital Kitchen combines world class artistry with technology and strategic insight to create powerful connections with consumers. We elevate the importance of content in the strategic and creative process to build authentic brands that resonate in an ad-resistant world. No one engages consumers like DK. View

Digital Reel

Some of our favorite digital work mixes the analog with the digital, developing experiences that live in both the virtual and physical world. We’ve found these seemingly disparate dynamics create the most visceral brand connections possible. View

Stanley Piano

What if a player piano could take requests? In the hacker/maker spirit of Digital Kitchen, our team re-imagined a forgotten technology as a simple interactive experience that connects people and music and in new way. View


From prototype to center stage at Lollapolooza and beyond, our first invention quickly evolved from a scrappy setup to a seamless social experience. View

Designer Slash Model

Our fans demanded a feature about us. Fellini wasn’t available. And we didn’t trust anyone else. So we did it ourselves. View