Collaborating with Richard Sherman, we created Letters of Boom, a simple, addictive word game that combines both the brains and brawn of the dynamic Pro Bowl cornerback.

Richard Sherman came to us with a challenge to create a hard-hitting, extreme word game that would satisfy both casual gamers and word game lovers alike.

We worked hand in hand with Sherman on creating all aspects of the game, from the core game mechanic to build and launch.

In true Sherman form, the rules of past word games are thrown out the window. Letters of Boom comes installed with an updated dictionary full of slang, swagger, and customized “Shermanisms.” Bonus Letter spins words like a slot machine with the chance of scoring insane word combos.

The game challenges players to use smarts and speed to master fast anagramming, make strategic choices, and leverage bonuses for high scoring.

Letters of Boom crowned Sherman as one of the first professional athletes to deliver an action-oriented word game to the App Store.

Download it today on the App Store.

Game features

- Innovative word game mechanic

- Voice over by Richard Sherman

- 2 Game modes - Classic and Blitz

- Updated 21st century dictionary

- Custom 80‘s inspired soundtrack

- GameCenter integration

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