The digital displays of the new LAX Bradley Terminal are among the largest physical-digital environments built anywhere. The iconic media features stretch over seven large-scale displays, commanding 19,000 square feet of video surface. As the largest public works project in the history of Los Angeles, the Bradley International Terminal now stands as the latest and largest branding opportunity for the city.


DK was brought in to define the brand expression for the City of Los Angeles itself, as well as a full brand ecosystem for the Terminal. We asked ourselves, “how can content be created that doesn’t overpower travelers with its sheer motion and scale? How can spaces move beyond reliance on spectacle and entertainment to create a meaningful audience experience?” Our challenge was to define new languages for content in public settings.


The curious traveler observes the world not in discreet scenes, but in surreal remixes of experiences, memories, and poetic personal interpretations. Our storyboard films break new ground in film design. By utilizing the multi-screen storyboard feature, several scenes can play out at once in non-linear form, creating dream-like experiences that more effectively capture the magic and memory of world travel. Our narrative pieces honor film genres in the same surreal fashion, unleashing the visual timeline that tethers single-screen formats. As a body of work, our approach to engagement was expressed through live-action narrative, documentary, design, and CG art forms on all of seven media features. We implemented a fresh perspective toward content in the public space, building on DK’s 1- year legacy of consumer engagement through innovative and emotionally meaningful content. To accomplish this we:

• Innovated a new language for architectural media that lives at the intersection of sculpture and story.
• Concepted an engaging brand expression for the City of Los Angeles.
• Presented LA and LAX destinations through the lens of the curious world traveler.
• Made the world a smaller place through real and emotionally resonant stories from around the globe.
• Tailored the content to fit the building, its purpose, and the state-of-mind of its users.


Digital Kitchen worked in collaboration with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Mike Rubin of MRA International, Marcela Sardi of Sardi Design, Moment Factory, Daktronics, Electrosonic and Smart Monkeys, Inc.

To see Moment Factory’s work on this project, go to their work page here.

LAX Work

Bradley International Terminal

For the epic digital landscape in LAX’s new Bradley International Terminal, we created engaging content at the intersection of sculpture, story and brand. View