Seattle Children’s asked us to develop a comprehensive brand system to be the foundation for consistency across literally hundreds of items and media—from fundraising and guild materials, to newsletters and monthly magazines, to wayfinding signage and the website, and more.

When Seattle’s renowned pediatric hospital changed their name to better reflect the whole of their organization—a hospital, research institute and foundation—they turned to us to evolve their brand as well. Our goal was to help this diverse organization tell its story more effectively, stand apart on the national stage and increase the impact of their fundraising activities.

Compassionate experts

Brand research revealed Seattle Children’s deep commitment to pediatric healthcare—finding cures and providing expert care—translated into hope and compassion experienced by patients and their families. The brand platform—the hospital’s purpose, promise and personality—articulates the organization’s commitment to the future in ways that are meaningful to medical staff, researchers and donors alike.

Voice plays an important role in expressing the Seattle Children’s brand. Depending on the audience, the tone may be serious or playful, but it is always knowledgeable and warm, balancing medical science with compassion. A palette of clear colors reflects the brand’s strength and compassion, a series of graphic patterns communicates a sense of hope and optimism, and photography is meaningful and authentic.

Comprehensive brand system

The hospital’s multiple campuses, numerous departments and many user groups—not to mention their need for just about every communications tool imaginable—made forging a cohesive brand a truly strategic effort.

We developed a comprehensive brand system that is the foundation for consistency across literally hundreds of items and across media—from fundraising and guild materials to newsletters and monthly magazines. The system included exploration across the board, from posters to ties and baby blankets, transit ads to a science adventure bus. The approach enables multiple users across the Seattle Children’s organization to brand their communications without starting from scratch every time, helping to ensure not only brand unity but efficiency as well.