Curiosity has landed—smack dab in the middle of someone’s YouTube video.

As part of a launch campaign for Sprout’s newest original series, Floogals, Digital Kitchen wanted to introduce teeny alien explorers to families where they already were - YouTube.

DK recognized current trends of child-targeted videos that were becoming viral at incredible rates. Taking note from these successful videos featuring people play-acting with toys and creating worlds out of clay, DK engineered a YouTube surprise. To bring the surprise to life, DK partnered with Jellyfish Pictures, the animation studio behind the Floogals, and FluffyJet Productions, a popular maker of these child-focused viral videos.

In a disruptive, scene-within-a-scene move, the Floogals “invaded” one of FluffyJet’s videos. Taking advantage of the narrator’s break in filming (Floogals only appear when “hoomans” aren’t around), the Floogals swooped in and explored the strange and clay-filled land before them. They then narrowly escaped right before the narrator returned. The result was a fun, unpredictable appearance by the Floogals that creatively and organically leveraged a popular social channel with over a million subscribers. The views continue to soar!

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Digital Kitchen created a multi-faceted digital campaign to build interest and excitement around Sprout’s newest original series, Floogals.


To raise awareness for a new original series from Sprout, Digital Kitchen transported tiny aliens from planet Floog across the US.