Digital Kitchen is a Creative Experience Company

We transform businesses through creative experiences—in the form of environments, branding, marketing, & content. By combining our most powerful ingredients—equal parts world–class artistry, technology and strategy—we turn insight into emotional experiences worth sharing.

Our guiding principle

We design for a sense of belonging. The feeling of belonging is a fundamental human need. People want to fill their lives with—and return to—the experiences that create this feeling. When people feel like they belong, they deepen their relationship with a brand. This relationship instills belief, and belief changes behavior.

We Believe

You can’t shape culture from a cubicle. So in 1995, we moved to the kitchen. Conversation and ideas seem to flow more freely in kitchens. There’s no pretense: just one big table that brings everyone together—creative, strategy, production, and client—to talk, to work, to pass things around. It’s okay if things get messy, because the collaboration is priceless.

Sometimes, you need to see it to get it. So we make ideas tangible, quickly. With a decisive plan of action, we get our hands into the ingredients early, knowing that the best work comes together through human emotion and experimentation. Together, we approach each problem with a prototyping mentality. This approach arrives at an emotional goal faster, making our concepts more wide-reaching and effective.

Makers make the best thinkers. So we fill our studios with them. Those crafting the work are constantly thinking, feeling, learning, refining—improving ideas in unexpected ways. In fact, many of our best solutions are born from our experience in making.

Our Process.

Every project needs a solid foundation. We build our work one step at a time, to ensure that the final result will stand the test of time.


Gather facts. Interview stakeholders. Audit brand & competition.


Synthesize findings. Establish process, goals and creative brief.


Explore possibilities. Flesh out concepts. Execute creative.


Launch project. Track results. Analyze impact, adapt, optimize, prevail.

Our Clients.

We could not be more proud of the clients who join us at our table. They are innovative businesses in the entertainment, hospitality, technology, consumer goods & retail industries, and their reviews are our most prized accolades.

Our Awards.

Shiny statues are not what bring us into the kitchen every day—but we have to admit, we’re proud that our work is uniquely recognized for effectiveness, artistry and innovation.

Our Family.

We are proud members of the kyu collective, our chosen family of collaborators. Together, we share a vision, a diversity of expertise, and occasionally a cup of sugar.